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Do your heroes inspire you or dumb you down?

It’s human nature to look for inspiration all around us. Our inspiration comes from many sources – from people we know; people we don’t know, some of whom are famous; nature.

Inspiration is one of our main fuel sources. We can be inspired to follow a calling – to become a doctor, a musician, an artist. We can be inspired to up our game at something – to become a better chess player, better entrepreneur, better writer, better footballer. And we can be inspired simply to be a better person – the best possible version of ourselves.

Being inspired means being moved so much by the actions or expertise of another that we change something meaningful about our own lives.

You see, inspiration ALWAYS has meaningful consequences. It helps us define who we truly are in some way. It helps make us more ourselves – the unique beings we are.

Now, there’s another force out there that masquerades as inspiration. Hero-worship.

The cult of celebrity is all about hero-worship. We are not inspired by these celebrities, we are not changed by them in a meaningful way.

We imitate them.

When we hero-worship, we want to be just like our ‘heroes’. To dress like they do. To take the same selfies as they do. To wear the same make-up as they do. To talk like they do.

And this has dangerous consequences.

Hero-worship causes us to lose ourselves completely. By dressing or acting or sounding JUST like these celebrities, we become clones. We are no longer unique individuals.

Hero-worship has the opposite effect on us to inspiration. Inspiration elevates us, helps make us even more amazing and unique. Hero-worship dumbs us down, helps make us like mindless sheep – we become all the same, no longer unique.

As such, hero-worship can only be viewed as a destructive force in society today. We may say that we don’t really admire the object of our hero-worship, that we just find him/her amusing/stylish/glamorous. Even if this is true, by imitating or putting our attention on people who don’t inspire us, we end up being dumbed down by them.

We are not dumbed-down clones. Each and every one of us is an amazing individual. An amazing individual who is surrounded by endless, life-transforming inspiration.

Inspiration is present in the individual acts of love, kindness, tolerance and courage we see every day. Inspiration is present in the expertise of those at the top of their games.

Let’s be inspired. Let’s be inspiring. Let’s be amazing. Because that’s who we truly are.


Sarah Blick is a very tall, dog-loving, morning person. She loves to be in the great outdoors, to write, to eat well, to be active and healthy, to make her own household and personal care products, and to listen to indie music. She’s an ENFP (Myers-Briggs) and a Rockstar (Fascination Advantage).


Photo credit: Sarah Blick