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Your loved ones are wonderful. They’re always there for you. Yet, they’re not always the right people to go to for advice.

They see you in a certain way – often through a lens that says husband, or mother, or son, or niece, or friend. Their view of you isn’t objective. How can it be when so many emotions are involved? You need someone else. Someone who’s got your back like a wise big sister, but without the baggage.


That someone could be me.

You see, I’ve packed many lifetimes of experience into my 56 years. I’ve been a high-flying international marketing leader, a mentor, a trainer, a strategist, a coach, and a teacher. I’ve successfully navigated more life challenges than I ever wanted to – from full-time caregiving for an ailing parent, to divorce, to being knocked to the knees by an autoimmune disease, to the deaths of loved ones, to being made redundant. You name it, chances are I’ve experienced it. Or have experienced something similar enough that I can extrapolate from it. I’m a very safe pair of hands for anything you might want to share with me. And I’m lovingly open and honest.

I want what’s best for you. And only YOU know what that is. You just need some help finding your answers.

Let me share a secret with you. I want you to be your best possible self. You living to your highest potential. Let me share another secret with you. I’ve NO idea what that looks like.


But I do know to help YOU unearth whatever you need to become your best self.

You have ALL the answers you need to live your best possible life inside you. Truth is, you’re the only one who has them, despite what people around might like you to believe. Only YOU know what’s best for YOU. It’s that simple.

What isn’t so simple is getting at those answers. That’s where I come in. I’m GREAT at asking questions. The right questions to get you to dig deep, and reveal those answers of yours. Sometimes I can do this in one session, sometimes it takes three months. It all depends on the answers you’re looking for.


Why me?

I’m not for everyone. But I am very much for you if:

  • You’re ready to make some changes in your life.
  • You want a combination of strategic advice and practical help.
  • You value real life lessons, learned through decades of life experience.
  • You’re looking for scientifically-proven methods.
  • You welcome honesty delivered with kindness.
  • You’re more comfortable with someone with serious business chops who understands your world.
  • You need someone to help you connect seemingly unrelated dots in your life.
  • You want someone who walks her talk 100%.




“Sarah has the necessary intelligence and emotional intelligence to lead people through key periods of transformation. Thanks to her clear and thoughtful insights, I was able to make the changes I needed for a more balanced life. I highly recommend her to those seeking to improve or change up their lives. Thank you Sarah for your invaluable help.”

Nicole, France


My Manifesto

“I know that love is stronger than fear, that life is an adventure, that being of service to others is my purpose, and that you are amazing. I value PEOPLE, so I focus on healing lives for a more joyful existence. I value PURPOSE, because it provides the meaning you need for true self-fulfilment. I value COMPASSION, because we’re human beings in an often challenging world. I know that how I live my life is my choice, and I choose to live consciously, with passion, courage and creativity.”


“The beauty of the process and the reason it works so well is that Sarah is living what she teaches herself. This is incredibly inspiring.”

Kathleen, UK