Are you where you want to be in your life right now?

If you’re here, you might not be. You might be having trouble prioritizing what really matters to you. Or you might not be clear on what that actually is. 

Not being where you want to be in your life can be frustrating. And frustrated is never a good place to be! It can make you feel powerless, and a bit stuck. You know what? You’re not alone. Everyone gets stuck at times. What’s important is not to stay stuck for long. So how do you get unstuck so you can transform your life? Often, you need a helping hand. Every time I was stuck in the past, someone helped me out. A kind word here, some practical tools there. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t got stuck – and unstuck – repeatedly. These days, helping people get unstuck is part of my job as a results coach. It’s true to say that getting unstuck is a step on the road to transforming your life.



Why the World Needs Happy Men

And 10 steps to start becoming that man I love men. Especially happy men. But there aren’t many of those around. It’s not your fault, men. Society has made you what you are today. It has made you wear masks that hide the real you. The sweet you. The gentle you.… Read more


9 Reasons Why Making Assumptions is Dangerous

“When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME” I first heard these words of wisdom years ago when I was learning to drive. I’d made an assumption about what another driver was going to do. My driving instructor’s response told me my assumption was incorrect. He… Read more


When You Don’t Have a Plan, You Just Have to Trust Life

Lessons from years spent journeying without a clear destination I felt so adrift. So lost. I could barely string sentences together, let alone thoughts. But I did know one thing. I had to get out of town. Fast. My mother had died a few weeks earlier. Amid the relief that… Read more


It’s Time to Stop Chasing Perfection

And start accepting it You are already perfect. Yet, you don’t feel it. Far from it. All you can see are imperfections. When you look in the mirror. When you hear the voices inside your head. When you look at everyone else’s life. And yet, you are perfect. Your life… Read more


Lessons From a Lifetime Spent Living Outside My Comfort Zone

I still remember the terror I felt the first time I went outside my comfort zone. I was three years old. I hadn’t gone there intentionally. I was pushed. The fact that the pushing wasn’t intentional, either, didn’t matter. I was still terrified. That moment forever changed me. And changed… Read more


Want to be Happier and More Self-Fulfilled? Get Serious About Your Personal Boundaries.

Boundaries are not walls. Walls keep people out. Boundaries let people in, but in a deliberate and intentional way. It’s important to understand the difference. You build walls from a place of fear. This is true for literal walls, and figurative ones. You build walls around YOUR HOME to keep… Read more